About Us

Warsaw Design Factory is a unique place in the Warsaw University of Technology. The WDF trademark was built basing on many years' experience and activity of the Rector's Team for Innovative Methods of Teaching as well as the Department of Young Researchers’ Innovation Development  in the Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management of Warsaw University of Technology.

Our goal is to build an innovative university, interdisciplinary and creative teams of young scientists as well as passionate and fully involved academic staff. We educate engineers of the future and global innovators that participate in international teams. We also develop teaching competences of the academic staff.

Recently, we have became a part of the international community - the Design Factory Global Network as well as the SUGAR network.

The Warsaw Design Factory operates in the following areas:

  • development of innovative methods of teaching, improvement of the quality of teaching process as well as promotion of innovative methods of teaching in the academic community and the social-economic environment
  • support of the most active and dynamic young scientists within the Warsaw University of Technology interested in innovation development
  • creation of an environment for stimulating creativity, entrepreneurship and networking in order to enable everyone concerned to initiate cooperation with business

WDF encompasses:

  • interdisciplinary domestic as well as international educational programs (Creative Semester Project, ME310, PdP, SQUAD, UniStartApp)
  • interdisciplinary creative space and laboratories (for analysis and simulation, prototyping, 3D printing, Arduino) dedicated to young scientists
  • supervisory and infrastructural support for research projects of young scientists,
  • substantive and infrastructural support for interdisciplinary theses,
  • workshops, trainings, conferences and seminars in the area of entrepreneurship, new technologies and soft skills
  • training of the academic staff in the area of innovative forms of teaching

The WDF team is composed of participants from different departments of the Warsaw University of Technology. The current list of team members:

Banaszak Karolina

Bargieł Katarzyna

Dobrzyński Grzegorz

Gajda Michał

Graniszewski Waldemar

Kaleta Mariusz

Kleszczewska Katarzyna

Kostrzewski Mariusz

Kukiełka Krzysztof

Kurowska-Wilczyńska Kinga

Luckner Marcin

Manujło Andrzej

Olszewski Robert

Pałka Piotr

Sierociuk Dominik

Siwicka Marta

Sobolewska Olga

Syfert Michał

Waszkiewicz Małgorzata

Wilkowski Artur

Żak Agata